Cambodian Students in Thailand: New potential people for the Kingdom

37“Game Makes One!” This is what I believe after joining Game Khmer Khmer, Sport Match of Cambodian students in Thailand, which has been celebrated at Burapha University in Thailand on Monday, July 22, 2013.

Around 72 students who come from three main universities in Thailand: Burapha University, Chulalongkorn University and Naresuan University have gathered in Burapha University to play many games and sports: from volleyball to circle dancing, from football to water into bottle game.

While staying in Thailand, this is the first time I feel like home. Seeing so many Cambodian students have been studying in various major both BA and MA in Thailand, I am pretty optimistic how Cambodia looks like in the near future.

Being with creative ideas, potential knowledge, and utmost experiences, those students will play a crucial role in Cambodia in the next few years. What an expert from UNDP told me might be true, “Students who got a chance to study abroad are the top 3% of knowledgeable people in the Kingdom.”

When I asked some of them, “Will you come back to Cambodia when they are graduated?” All of them said, “I will be back to the Kingdom!” Even though they are living and studying in Thailand, many of them pay serious attention to Cambodia development process and Cambodia politic, especially this upcoming election.

However, only a few of Cambodian students in Thailand are going to vote on this 28th election. I got a question, “How can the kind of potential people get involved in election if they cannot come back to Cambodia for voting?”

To me, I would say Election System should be reformed!!! Why does not National Election Committee (NEC) establish a high-updated voting system which allows people to vote from everywhere as what many countries have been done. If I were in Cambodia, I would interview with Ruling party leader, opposition party leader and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) about this issue in order to know their opinion toward it.

Being not presence in the upcoming election is the waste for showing the will of students who get experiences abroad. Hence, all parties in Cambodia tend to forget about their voice!

I hope I can join that kind of event again, and get a chance to build a good relationship in term of sharing experience, knowledge and friendship.


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